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Expertise to Get
the Most from Your Crop

Providing decades of hemp research, cultivation and analysis necessary to grow the highest quality hemp, to the largest possible yield, at the lowest price.

Core Methods to Increase Your Yield


  • Sourcing genetics
  • Vetting genetics sourced in-house

Plant Nutrition & Fertilization

  • Soil/water-test analysis
    • best practices to sample for uniform application
  • Pre-plant fertilizers
  • Soluble fertilizers
    • (organic or conventional)
    • to applied in season via irrigation system
      and/or foliar feed applications
  • Local sourcing for appropriate, economical
    fertilizer inputs
  • Leaf-blade analysis for in-season mineral nutrition needs

Plant Protection & Pest Prevention

  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program design
  • Field scouting protocols
  • Rate, usage and application guidelines
  • Communication with field scout
  • Recommendations by certified Pest Control Advisor

Design, Layout, Harvest & Post-Harvest Handling

  • Field design and layout including appropriate plant spacing
  • Irrigation design and in-season monitoring strategies
  • Harvest plan
  • Post-harvest plan including liaison to extraction facility
  • Up-scaling for subsequent years at higher acreages

Growing without Agrarian Supply
is Leaving Money on the Table

Through our methodology and expertise — you can expect a significant increase in crop yield.

10% CBD


per acre
11% CBD
(10% Yield Increase)


per acre


per acre

*2000 lbs flower per acre
$2.40 per CBD point

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