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Core Methods to Increase Your Yield


  • Sourcing genetics
  • Vetting genetics sourced in-house

Plant Nutrition & Fertilization

  • Soil/water-test analysis
    • best practices to sample for uniform application
  • Pre-plant fertilizers
  • Soluble fertilizers
    • (organic or conventional)
    • to applied in season via irrigation system
      and/or foliar feed applications
  • Local sourcing for appropriate, economical
    fertilizer inputs
  • Leaf-blade analysis for in-season mineral nutrition needs

Plant Protection & Pest Prevention

  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program design
  • Field scouting protocols
  • Rate, usage and application guidelines
  • Communication with field scout
  • Recommendations by certified Pest Control Advisor

Design, Layout, Harvest & Post-Harvest Handling

  • Field design and layout including appropriate plant spacing
  • Irrigation design and in-season monitoring strategies
  • Harvest plan
  • Post-harvest plan including liaison to extraction facility
  • Up-scaling for subsequent years at higher acreages

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