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Once a staple of American croplands, hemp and cannabis are experiencing a resurgence across the country with an increased focus on their versatility, sustainability, and profitability amongst American farmers. At Agrarian Supply, our seasoned team of professional agronomists are creating the new standard for commercial hemp and cannabis cultivation.

Recent Federal Legislative Changes

The passage of the 2014 Farm Bill opened the door for the cultivation of industrial hemp on a limited / research basis and officially defined the metrics to differentiate hemp from cannabis. In the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp was granted full legal status as an agricultural commodity and provided a means by which farmers could insure their crop. These bills mark the first positive change in hemp legislation in over 50 years.

Crop Versatility

Hemp is an extremely versatile agricultural crop, capable of producing a wide array of consumer goods. Hemp seeds can be used raw as a food source, pressed for its oil which are used in health / beauty products, or refined into biofuel. The plant’s stalk and stem are used to make industrial textiles (canvas, rope, nets), consumer textiles (clothing, shoes), paper, and building materials.

Benefits of Growing Hemp

Along with hemp’s versatility as a consumer product, its agronomic qualities make it an ideal crop for farmers. Its quick growth patterns greatly reduce the need for herbicide applications; in many regions farmers can produce multiple crops per year, develop compounds which deters many harmful pests, and can assist in the remediation of heavy metals in soil.

Economic Potential

In 2018, the reported revenue on industrial hemp was $1.1 billion dollars. The predictions are that revenues will more than double within 4 years to $2.6 billion dollars by 2022 (according to New Frontier Data). The predicted commodity value growth over that time period is estimated at 27% increase annually.

Our Team has the Expertise to Help You Get the Most of Your Crop

Agrarian Supply provides decades of research, cultivation and analysis necessary to grow the highest quality hemp, to the largest possible yield, at the lowest price.


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