Introducing our line of premium fertilizers and nutrients, blended for no less, and no more, than what’s essential for precision cannabis cultivation. Our Grow, Bloom, Micro, Cal-Mag, BioDrench and Microbial A will help you carve the most efficient path to an optimal yield.


Four forms of nitrogen to ensure optimum uptake under any conditions. Balanced but aggressive formulation increases biomass and flower initiation sites without stretching.


Highest quality formulation of Phosphorus and Potassium, designed to increase flower yield’s, root density and aromatics


All the essential mircos, both chelated and non-chelated for maximum uptake over a range of pH’s in your soil/media environment.

Cal Mag

An honest CalMag with 6:1 ratio formulated for use through the entire growth cycle. Strong stems and cell wall integrity increase yield while reducing pest issues.


BioDrench is a biological soil surfactant designed to strip salts and chloride out of your media. The 3 million colony forming units of plant stimulating bacteria and humic give your plant a powerful boost, while displacing contaminants in your soil.

Microbial A

Unique blend of beneficial and naturally occurring microorganisms to promote the availability of soil nutrients. Microbial A improves the efficiency of the plant’s metabolism to induce yield increases (10-30%) and enhanced crop quality.


Single solution for clearing your irrigation system. All Natural bio-enzyme clears irrigation line biofilm clogs. Non-toxic. Safe for plants. Ideal for drip lines, tape and pipes.


Agrarian Supply also offers soluble fertilizers, soil, amendments, pesticides, adjuvants and surfactants from industry trusted brands.